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It’s IE version 8. Also, I tried what you suggested about using background color instead of an image. I set the background color in the a:link to orange and removed the graphic. Then, when I click on the link and move I cursor away, the background color dissapears or goes to white. So, it doesn’t seem to be specific to the image. Here’s some more info. the background image/color only dissapear when I click the link and move my cursor away. If I click on one of the other three links the background doesn’t dissapear. Also, if I click and drag my cursor away, it doesn’t dissapear. Finally, when I give the href for that link a value other than “#” when you first run it the background color or graphic aren’t there.

My code is at the ul li level. I wonder if the graphic or link isn’t dissapearing but rather it’s being covered over by the link itself at the ul a level.