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1) If you are still seeing this link (while no one else is), try clearing your browser cache ([ctrl]+[f5] does it in most browsers).

2) Did you ever add Google addWords (or a similar script) to your page? If so, that might be what you were seeing (and that would mean you weren’t hacked).

However, if you are at all unsure, you should definitely take steps to make sure your site is secure:
As @ChrisBurton says, make sure your own computer is clean, too (do that _first_).
— change all passwords **now**.

— check your server’s error/access logs for unusual activity.

— make sure there are no unusual files on your host (especially inside your web root).

— make sure all the usual files haven’t been changed (compare them to your (hint,hint) **backups**).

— review any scripts that handle user input. Make sure you **do not trust user input** (always _validate_ and _sanitize_).

— if you find any problems, or are still unsure, **contact your host for help**.

— change all passwords **again**.