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I was having the same trouble. I moved a client site from one provider to the “Economy” web hosting plan, Linux-based server that GoDaddy provides to people who purchase domain names through them. This was at the client’s request.

I tried @edac2’s suggestion by replacing the single quote with double quotes for the font names in the @font-face font-family: attribute, but it did not work. I was stumped: I have multiple client sites through GoDaddy, but this is the first time I’ve ever had this happen.

I ended up moving all of the fonts into the same directory as the stylesheet that references them. So instead of src:url(‘/fonts/webfont.otf’) my stylesheet had to be updated to read src:url(‘fonts/webfont.otf’). I’m wasn’t sure why this seemed to work, but it did.

Once the fonts were working again, I dug in a little deeper and discovered that the permissions for the original ‘fonts’ folder were all screwed up. In fact, I discovered that several key folders like my ‘javascripts’ folder and a few others that resided outside of my main template folder (this is a WordPress backend) all had wonky permissions. Fixing the permissions on these folders resolved the issues.