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I’m not sure which text you’re specifically talking about, but I assume it’s all the text that appears large… so:

the "Information" H2 tag: Just go into the css and find the h2 selector and add whatever textual information you want: Assuming that the default text size has been set in the body (ie, something like body {font-size:1em;} which will make your default text size 16px tall in most browsers), you could add something like: h2 {font-size: 0.8em} which would give you a font size of roughly 12px. Since header elements are block level, they literally take up a block of space, so they tend to add padding/margins to themselves. If you want to get rid of the spacing around the h2 tag, just add "h2 { padding:0; margin:0;}" So, overall, it would look something like:

h2 {
font-size:0.8em; /*or pixels, whatever you want to use */
padding:0; /* of course, if you want specific padding, you would have to mention each side individally. */
Keep in mind that there might be more than one header that uses H2, so that will change as well. If you only want one to change, you’ll have to add a class to it, like <h2 class="something"></h2> and the css selector would be h2.something {info here;}

For the other sections, the same information applies. You just have to edit the proper selector.

In terms of the forum elements being too close to the edge, you could add padding to the parent element such as
#parentelement { padding-left: 5px; padding-right:5px; }

Although, keep in mind when you add padding, you’re adding space to the INSIDE of the element, which effectively makes it larger. In the example above, it would make the element 10px wider than it previously was. In order to get the padding and keep the original width, you’d have to go find the width of the parent element and take 10px off that number.

Hope this helps. If you have any more problems, just let me know and I’ll reply here.