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The working code you posted does bring us to the “success” page, without an e-mail being sent. I have changed the opening php tag to include “php”. I’m not certain what the string :

$headers = ‘MIME-Version: 1.0’ . “rn”;

does, but I am by far behind you in knowledge.

Are we certain that we needed to amend the ENCTYPE in the html? I’m just asking ….. again, I trust your knowledge over the lack of mine. I am just thinking about the changes that have been introduced and noting the deficiencies (now) compared to the code and symptoms we had in the beginning.

“old code” —-> email sent, nothing captured, “success” page rendered vs

“new code” —> no email sent, uncertain if data is being captured, and failure of “success” page being rendered (I see that a “success” page is rendered here : but can’t understand why it is failing on the site.

It has to be something quite simple (and evasive) at this point.

I appreciate you hanging in here with me (still)