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1. contactFormprocess.php does not exist on your server. I get a 404 page when i click submit. “quoteFormprocess.php” exists because that is my (current, soon to be replaced) attempt at processing the quote form on my quote page.

Response: contactFormprocess.php isn’t being referenced to in my html any longer. That was the name/file for my “old” .php processing. Since working with you I am now simply adopting the send.php name/file to keep from getting (too) confused. I don’t see that it is found on the server atm (?)

2. your enctype=”text/plain” will not submit anything to your php file.

Response: The enctype for the send.php is “multipart/form-data”. I just corrected the “case” of the text to lower case, it was all caps just now.

I don’t understand, the issues you are raising here I can’t see on the server, unless the number of changes that we’ve been going through are not being promptly updated on the server, but that’s not making sense if you are “seeing” it and I am not (?)