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Well, always use a secure password for your FTP. A lot of times people will go with something they know they’ll remember, don’t do this. Go for something cryptic, like:


Then make sure you put all of your passwords in a file on your computer somewhere (AND BACK THAT FILE UP SOMEWHERE ELSE!).

But to the point at hand… once an email is sent, that’s it. Something can’t be added to AFTER that point. Someone could, I suppose, write a virus that could attach something as it’s being sent, but that is definitely not the case in this instance, I can assure you.

Everybody’s email provider has their own type of spam protection. Sometimes the spam protection software can improperly target an email as spam, and flag it. Then, if the email has been flagged by the mail server, a user’s Virus Protection program will look at the flagged email and assume virus. Only a possibility.

It’s doubtful you’ll every really find out the answer here. I’d do exactly what GoDaddy said. Update your passwords, reupload the file. It may seem silly to do, but there’s no harm in being a little safe. Then, try sending it again. If the same thing happens, and only to that particular user, you’ll know it’s her issue, not yours.