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Good work for a first attempt. It’s really difficult to get right, take all the suggestions on-board and you’ll be a pro in no time. (That’s what I’m counting on!) Here are my thoughts:

It fits ok on my screen.

I’m not a fan of the large gap above the header. Seems to just be floating aimlessly.

I agree that the logo font doesn’t quite work with the style of the site. A rough font like that would look better on a texture. Use a nice clean font as suggested.

The bio page is really hard to read. Try one/all of the following:

    increase the line-height[/list:u]
    increase the font-size and/or decrease the line length[/list:u]
    use a darker colour for the text (just slightly darker!) or[/list:u]
    use a lighter background colour, like a dark gray[/list:u]

    The blue hover state doesn’t look good. Try an underline on hover, or changing the text to a gray.

    But it’s simple and effective so well done and good luck!