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Oki, first i don’t know if a understood the page thingy correctly in wp. I’m a beginner with php. This is my site, i have worked on it from scratch besides the a must see short film blog that i bought and customized it. Yes, it is multisite. So, currently i need to spand this the whole website and i want to add artist of the month, interviews,challenges and events. I’m aware of i can use one blog for all and categories it and use ids. But, can i use pages feed exactly those id and also be available to paginate the content for example artist of the month if there more the a more than 6 post on it that feeds from news? Now i’m trying to fix the about, privacy, f.a.q and terms in only page. I have got it worked before i did a major changes to the site but i don’t know what i do wrong. Below is the page.php

get_header(); ?>