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Trying to make this easier to understand, as I know I am probably not perfectly describing it.

In the link it has the first 3 posts displayed through a custom query followed by the twitter, and then starts to display the pages (which I made through the dashboard – pages). I can find/work with normal post loops easier then the page loop, hence where the trouble is kicking in.

After twitter, the pages are displayed but without a wrapper around each individual page. I would like to add that, similiar to my post loop.

while($custom_query->have_posts()) : $custom_query->the_post(); ?>



Mainly so I can create a division in between each of the pages without adding the margin to the headings.

The other issue is that they are displaying in the incorrect order. If there is some way to display them ASC or DESC (forget what is default) then it would display in the correct order.

Hope that clears things up a tad more.

Edit: Changed the page loop to display headings as h3’s and adding a margin to that. It creates the division I want to do, but would rather each page have a wrap instead if possible.