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"dcp3450" wrote:
using an address like:

is referencing and anchor. someone using "; has "<a name="tabtwo"></a>" in their code where the div or text for tabtwo is located. try putting <a name="tabtwo"></a> where you have "tabtwo" and then place the #tabtwo in your address.

I use this on my companies site so a user can jump to a specific news store based on id number.

i have a link:
<a href="/news/index.html#135">Title of news story</a>

on the news page i have different stories with <a name="(number)"></a>. When the user selects the link it goes directly to the news story number selected even though the link was on a different page.

I know what it is. What I’m saying is that for the "Organic Tabs" script, it won’t work that way and I need a way to link to those tabs.
Any ideas?