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Andy Howells

@rdldew – At Unleash (my business) – I do the front end code, HTML/CSS and some basic JS and a tiny bit of PHP – usually the PHP is just related to particular content management systems, like WordPress for example.

If more indepth PHP/JS/programming is needed then I have a backend developer who concentrates on that. So basically we separate responsibility between front and backend development.

Regarding design (photoshop/illustrator work) that is by another person entirely, so we have 3 people on each project working on different sections and responsibilities.

It’s always best to be a master of something than a jack of all trades so I would say to focus on front end development if you’re not keen on learning programming languages.

I would say that JavaScript should be on your to-do list though as JQuery is usually used for presentation so that would fall under the realm of front-end development.