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While the overall design it nice, I’ve have several problems with the details.

  • The logo seems very out of place typographically; it doesn’t match with the tone set by the fonts you use in the rest of the site. Either change the logo or choose a more modern font for the titles (where you’re using Georgia I believe).[/*:m]
  • Your ads in the portfolio need to have bigger full-size versions; they’re all no bigger than 450×450; try more for 600 or 800 pixels, otherwise it looks like you’re getting a slightly larger thumbnail.[/*:m]
  • Your websites in the portfolio need to link to the actual sites, not a small preview window. Just disable the lightbox on those links.[/*:m]
  • I think you went a bit leading happy with your body text; a line height of 3? try 1.5 or 2 at the most. Increasing the leading/line-height does improve readability, but this is ridiculous; it makes each line look like a separate sentence.[/*:m]
  • The animation on the accordion menu titles (in the service section) is too distracting and doesn’t make sense; why would the arrows shoot across to the other side? Just leave it at the colour change, please.[/*:m]
  • That enlarge on hover you have on the pull quote, get rid of it, pronto; it’s distracting, and scared the crap out of me when I first triggered it. I’ve simply never seen that before, and I bet for good reason, and there’s no indication it would inflate on hover[/*:m]
  • You need to do something with the links in your navigation menu, make the whole button clickable, not just the text. For a moment I thought the button was broken, but it was because I clicked on the coloured part, not the text. Making the click area a bit bigger helps a lot.[/*:m]
  • The outlines in the contact form, lighten them. They seem really distracting, where on the portfolio page, the grey boxes have more subtle outlines.[/*:m][/list:u]

    That’s all.