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Wish I could have seen what the site looked like before but I think it’s looking good now.

My main beef is with the red ‘Featured Site’ text on the homepage. Why is it red? If anything should stand out that much it should be a call to action. If it HAS to be red could you use the same tone as the green?

I generally don’t like the typography. You don’t seem to have set a line-height property in your CSS. If you are using a font-size of 16px i would recommend a line-height of 24px or 1.5em. It would be much more legible. Why is the paragraph font-size different on the home page than the internal pages (16px – 14px)?

The other part is the footer. It looks like an after thought. If the phone number was center aligned it would look a lot better.

Good work though and good luck!