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Ideally, yes. In a perfect world, it would be great if designers know all the restrictions of coding, and create their design with those restrictions in mind.

Reality however….

They’ll know the restrictions of coding if they know how to code. And if they know how to code, they will end up coding. It’s that last part I’m having problems with. Much too often I see designers do some coding, because they (or project managers, etc.) think they know enough about it.

This is exactly what distinguishes professionals from amateurs: I’d rather have a great coder (ie. professional) do code, than a designer-who-knows-code (ie. amateur).

Of course, that hypothetical won’t hold true to every project. But in my experience, it has happened far too often.

(Same for back end developers thinking they know enough about front end development — they should know some, but not enough to get the illusion they can do it themselves. Tables galore in 2013, it happens!)