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Hi Chris,
I’m also newer to CSS and building websites in general but I actually think I know what is happening!
I don’t think your background image (bodyBG.jpg) is tall enough and that is why you are seeing the white.

You could go back into photoshop (or wherever you created that image) and make it much taller OR the easier way would be to add a background color that is the same color as the bottom of your bodyBG.jpg image (that dark gray color).

So the CSS for that would look something like this:

body {
background: url(images/bodyBG.jpg) color:#thatdarkgraycolor; repeat-x;
color: #f0f0f0

As for the image not showing up unless I "edit css" from firefox web developer, make sure the image is really uploaded and has the correct filepath.

Hope that helps! :)