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Hey Gavin

The best thing you did by far was to convince them that a whole flash site is bad, bravo! Updating those can be a nightmare…

Word Press FTW! haha Anywho, I would suggest getting all your boxes neatly compacted, something like this:

Probably want a lighter gray as well ( #F5F5F5 ) also I noticed some of your boxes have darker gray borders and some do not, either have them all with this same border, or none at all, its usually a good rule of design to remain consistent ;)

Maybe a little line-height? p { line-height:22px; } would be good for ease of reading paragraph text. Though the first one at the top looks nice with 35px line-height and padding:35px; ( instead of 50px )

I don’t want to totally redesign your site, but at least improve upon a good idea ;)

Hope this helps,

~ Chris