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"TheDoc" wrote:
I like it, but there is a definite clashing of styles here.

I don’t really think the "old time" wood/parchment/brown really works with the nice crisp new logo and blue background. I’d MUCH rather see the design based on the new-looking logo.

The nav would definitely have to be changed when you go to an inside page, it would just take up too much room if it were on every single page like that.

The lorem ipsum text is a little bit small I think, but overall the design has a nice flow and structure.

I see what your saying. Of course, this isn’t the final design but I’ve been toying with how to make it look updated "web 2.0 ish" without loosing the "outdoor" "rustic" sense. The nav would have to change on an inside page, I agree and thats a battle I’m still working with.

Good critique!! Thank you. :)