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@almcrorie – checked out this new layout in IETester which has IE8/7/6 and here is what I found.

IE8 – Looks fine, degrades nicely, width is fine
IE7 – Header and side bar are there, but the content area is a skew and the footer wraps up.
IE6 – Header is good, search is gone, content area blown out as well as footer (but who supports IE6 these days anyways, lol)

Firefox (Mac) – Looks purrrrrty, but the article border’s are slightly off in the top left.
Chrome (Mac) – The best by far. If you have chrome, use it as your main for ;)
Safari – Surprisingly not as good as Chrome, the article border is slightly off here as well

We’re all nit-picking chris’ design here, but I am sure he appreciates the feedback, but saying “not impressed at all” isn’t very constructive.

~ Chris