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Thanks a bunch for the feedback,

html {

Great idea! that was really bugging me… never thought of that

I am trying to get a good IE testing method going here before I fix up the margins/padding… Still need to educate myself on how to deal with that stuff in IE(this is the first website I have hand coded 100%). Parallels is crashing on me like crazy for some reason, I really wish there was some sort of super browser that would test everything and run natively in OS X.

I agree on the scrolling in the pop up. I wan’t to do an auto heigh with the shadowbox but it doesn’t work right. I might just set fixed heights to fit all the content once the final content draft is done. I hate doing stuff like that though I really want my code to be really easy to incorporate into some other websites I am going to be doing.

I am really stumped on the slideshow thing I am seriously thinking of just learning how to code one myself… I want my customers to be able to upload photos with descriptions easily. I think the best method would be one that pull the info from a Picasa web album.