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"meenainc" wrote:
Ashton, yes I did read how to make a sticky, but thanks for the sarcastic question. Instead of valid CSS I should have said, "settle for making a design change."

I’m sorry if it read as sarcastic. Your valid css comment made it sound like you hadn’t read it, so I had to ask.

"meenainc" wrote:
The sticky footer does not work like you suggest even when moved outside of the "wrapper" div as the "wrapper" div is not expanding in height for some reason.

I’m not totally sure what you mean, but this, but there is nothing specific to Sticky Footer that demands the footer to be a certain width. If you go to that page and use Firebug to remove the width from the #wrapper and #footer, the footer is 100%.

This may mean that you will need to update your markup to have another Div inside the wrapper that keeps your text from being 100% (or adding a new wrapper outside your existing content, etc.) Does that make sense?