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@Sneff Thanks so much for your feedback. I’m not sure where to change that line since I”m using a plug in (Digg Digg) . Is there something I can just add to my css in my child theme?

Also we have such a large and active social media presence that chances are if someone visits a post / our site someone they know on FB may have liked it also. So I wanted to find a way to have those faces showing. Is there a way to make it look pretty and still have the faces showing?

By the way, here is a post that got a lot of likes, It’d be intresting to see if someone you are friends with liked that article (below the post) or are a fan of us on facebook (the fb like box on the right hand side of the page.) [Here’s the post]( “target down syndrome model”)

Thanks for your help, looking forward to seeing what you think.

– I totally agree with you. I really like to just use the snippet, but I just didn’t know how to take all of the snippets and make it work (and look) correctly. But I agree with you, that would be a much better option all the way around.