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Ok, so here’s the issue with your suggestion: I use formmail to allow people to contact me, and the script only allow error messages to be redirected to another HTML page, not the main page. So I am not able to redirect to a div for instance.

What I would like is a simple modal dialog to open when an error occured with the form. For now, I found the JS solution described above which is called when error.html is opened. So no new page shown, just the modal dialog but with “ok” and “cancel” (“ok” is useless for my use).

With the jquery modal dialogs you propose, It would mean opening a new page, showing the modal dialog, and then returning to the main page. It would be redundant to have both a new page, and a modal dialog to open when an error occur. I only need a simple dialog without the “cancel” button.

Can’t I achieve this with alert or prompt functions ???