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Well, your CSS is all funky, frankly. That body class seems to be giving the body element an 8px margin, and at a quick glance, I’m not really seeing an easily evident way to fix it right out besides changing a lot. Your header image is about 20px too wide, and the negative left margin of -69px is pulling it way outside the content container.

As for the background… It is likely something fairly obvious. If I had more time, I’d go over it a bit closer, but you should be able to find it using FireBug or Safari’s Web Inspector.

Edit: actually, after a moment of pause, it struck me that you are using a background image. Why? Seems silly to me. For the colors you’re using, couldn’t you just place a ‘border-left: 10px; border-right: 10px; border-color: #d5d0ba;’ on the content container, give said container a ‘background: #f9f6f1;’ rule, then give the body a ‘background: #e2ddca;’? Seems like that would just make a lot more sense, as there are no noticeable gradients. If you place the footer inside the outer container, that solves your problems in whole.

Now, time to go turn this problem-solving to my own work. :D