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Listen, Austin. The first thing you’ll want to do, is to add, next to that table, just a SAMPLE of a product(or whatever those things are). So just an “Emigrante”, purely coded in HTML, CSS, which contains simple text, added by you manually. For instance, just create a div, set the width and height. Borders if you want, padding, margin/positioning. Remember, there will be more divs like it, so optimize it in such a way that they will be aligned on the same level, with space beetween. After that, inside that div, place an img tag, styled as you wish(size, borders…), and make it float to the left (float: left; in CSS). Next, just add some p elements or headings, and style their families, sizes, colors.
There you go: a box which contains your information. Now replace EVERYTHING that is variable. The content. Like the source of the image, the text within tags…Replace them with the array witch contains your query results, and place it in a loop.
Got it? :)