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Generally when I’m programming in PHP , the LAST thing I would ever do is emit anything that even remotely reassembled presentation. Generally the goal is to in as generic a way possible send JUST the data, and keep all the formatting and presentation browser side.

As the web moves forward and becomes even more dynamic , having bits of design and layout stranded in server code will increasingly become a boat anchor to anyone who has to deal with it.

JSON, XML and things like that are easy to format with PHP code and typically pretty easy to shuffle about client side as well. Many tools such as datagrids for browsing databases use these types of formats. I use both , and have been able to service the data needs of even complex sites with but one or two PHP files.

While owing to it’s bloat I really don’t care that much for jQuery , a lot of the data browsing plugins for it are pretty decent and even fairly reasonable to style, letting one get back to making pretty things that people love to use.