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Having responded to your css-tricks email, and not seen word back I figured I would try to find a moment to dig up this thread and see how things are going.

There are a number of ways to skin this cat, and it sorta depends on the technologies your comfortable with.

For my own part , the choice is often to output the MySql data as XML and use an XSL structural stylesheet to map the data into the presentation.
XSL shares a lot of the valuable characteristics CSS has and works all the way back to even (gasp) IE6.

You then only need to define a single exemplar of what a single row of data would look like and it gets used as basically a template for however many rows are output.

As I said there are a number of ways to do this type of thing , but I’ve found these long standing w3c standards to be very high performance as really, once the browser caches that XSL stylesheet , your just sending data.

XSL can take a moment to get comfortable with , but IMHO it’s more than worth the trip as it can actually be used with or without any browser side scripting and once you get the hang of it the XSL files you create are very re-usable. I’ve some XSL sheets I’ve been re-using for years.