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Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

: I should have mentioned Case studies considering they are done for every project somehow i left that out. Thanks for that.

: I was thinking of that, with my website projects i could do that but the apps and desktop programs i have made there is too much “important” code to include. But yeah that was totally an option.

: Yeah man, that basically sums up what i am going to do, thanks for that article. Very valuable read.

@NSR : Unfortunately i do not have a tablet (So tempted to purchase that Galaxy tablet at verizon the other day for only $100) but any who, yeah I’ve debated throwing my apps at least up on the store so they can download but none have been written in Obj C so they would be Android only.

: Ya know how many times I’ve contemplated that lol. A 4″ binder full of paper but I’ve managed to maintain a 4.0 throughout my entire degree and i don’t wanna mess that up now just to prove a point.

I appreciate all your suggestions. I think im gonna go with UMLs, Case Studies and a tiny summary (maybe a picture or two).