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Well I think that the layout and use of colour are both very strong, the tagline orange is eye-catching, an sits quite nicely on the page. But one of the things that a non-heirarchical layout does is that it gives all of your information equal standing on the page, and as a visitor I have a tendency to click through it quite quickly. Your layout gives equal priority to important information and unimportant information, i.e. having spent three minutes on the website I know more about the car you drive and what your website used to look like than I do about the work you did for 3 sixty displays.

It’s not that you haven’t set the informational priorities correctly, but just that there’s a lot of things that would mix well in a business-orientated site put beside things that belong in a Facebook pageā€”and while this might give a sense of personal appeal as a designer, it overtakes the prominence of service-oriented content.

It might be good to subtract from the four personal pages, e.g., blog, playground, about, contact and use more of the site to offer previews of your work similar to the landing and work page.