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There are obviously a few things to review in your html. But at this time, if you just want to make it work. You can do it!
First, remove the “clear:both” on your hgroup. You need your logo to stand on the left side on top of the page, so remove the line “width:391px;” on #logo. On this same rules, adjust the margin like this “margin:8px 0 19px 0”. Your logo and main menu will be back to their place. Now add a css rule to remove the extra right margin inside your #utility-nav like this :
#utility-nav > * {
margin-right: 0;

Now the last thing to do is to fix your input #CAT_Search, first, remove the “float:right” and add a “display:block;” on it. Finally, remove the
tag between your input and your anchor “search”. Everything should look great in Chrome, FireFox and IE 8+.

Hope this help.