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By the way your previous design before the one @ChristopherBurton suggested, had a feel abit like this one – (probably because of the background). My point being that you may think you are doing something different, but it may end up looking like something else that maybe you just haven’t seen. So what the other people and me are saying is: Focus on making your site look good and then on making it look different. And you are just starting as well (I am too, you know), so just think how musicians and other people start out with art – they first copy and recreate classics and already established concepts,songs,drawings etc.. And only then they go on creating work of their own.

I do believe only way you learn is by example. I don’t think you are going to be a copycat for trying to do similar website to somebody’s while you practice.

I don’t want to be cheeky by posting the site that I made recently, but I wanted to get some constructive feedback like you did. For some reason my topic doesn’t get the same attention – its called “Latest Version of my New Website” under Other Discussions.
The site is:

I am in no way trying to change this discussion of course.

Thank you,