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"AshtonSanders" wrote:
"tomwalters5678" wrote:
… however I would recommend a slight logo change, to me it feels boring and as though there isn’t much going on…

I disagree. I really like the logo. Probably one of my favorite parts of the site.

Favourite parts of the site? I have no idea how you could have that opinion. It definitely needs a lot of work, and by that I mean to be redone.

I’d say the only one thing I like about the entire design is the mouse and mouse pad.

I can understand people being supportive and saying that it’s a good start "but here’s where you can improve", but to say that everything is wonderful and happy really doesn’t provide the person with any help (which one would assume they came here for in the first place).

There is a grand chasm between Chris’ design used for CSS-Tricks and that of The major difference is that you trust CSS-Tricks. The design is good, the markup is great. Every little detail has been thought about and carefully constructed. These same attributes just cannot be used describing

Having said that, the structure is there, the design simply needs a lot of work. Simple things like jagged edges on the navigation, that should never end up on a live site.