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Hey I love the idea you have got going here!

Some recommendations:

For your menu links try using CSS Sprites. When you roll over the images, it takes nearly 3-5 seconds for the hover state background image to show up. CSS Sprites will allow this change to be instant.

I don’t mean this in a mean way, so please don’t take it too much to heart – but it look too clip arty… like you can tell all of these are stock images and just kinda plopped in. For example the ribbon at the top doesn’t look like it belongs. You have mostly office/computery type of theme going on, and then a red ribbon shows up.

Also, your images at the bottom of the cds and the cord need some photoshop loving. The edges are very jagged and you can see the white of where the background was. Because you are having this as a portfolio site, and you want to generate business from this it’s vitally important that you only show your best work, and leave no detail out. Otherwise people will get the idea that you don’t care enough about your own design and be skeptical about what you could do for them.

I think what’s really throwing off the design is because the lighting/shadows are different for all the different images you’ve place in the layout, giving a kinda hectic flow to the design because your eye is bouncing around so much. Also because the background has so much detail/wood texture I would make it darker and take it down a bit so it isn’t so overwhelming. When I’m trying to read my eye keeps drawing back to the wood. And I doubt that’s what you want the focal point to be :)

Also, you’re probably aware of this, but when you hover or click on one of the menu links a red outline appears (in firefox) that extends all the way to the left side of the screen.