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Thank you! I’ve been trying to fix that Firefox outline issue for a while. I ended up just giving up. Never thought to look for a Firefox only css property – outline at that! Thanks!

I’ll definitely work on the logo. You guys have given me a few ideas with the logo that I will try out soon.

The tagline is larger because I think that the tagline is more important than the name of the business. "We Make Having a Website Simple" is what I want my visitors to take away from the site. Then again, Bluemoon Code is pretty important too. I’ll play around with the sizing. Thanks.

I started with the green checkmarks, but then the green plus didn’t stand out, nor did the silver one. I got it down to a red and a blue icon, and the red one stood out more. I’ll try the blue again though. Maybe I’ll try completely different icons…

Yeah, the Twitter bird would look nice in the footer, wouldn’t it? I’ll try that. Thanks. I think I’ll add a RSS Icon, a Contact Icon, and a Map icon there, as well. It would add some color to the site…

I used the drop shadows on the headers because they had no depth to them. Specifically the tagline on the blue background.

You guys have given me some great advice. Thanks.