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"n1kk1" wrote:
your javascript is probably set to show the images at a set place, you may have set it to 100px from left, if so, you have killed a lot of audience, as you cant scroll across to easily, to see the images.

Hi, thanks for your reply – I have set the images in an exact place, how else do I position them to be able to scroll across otherwise?

well to be honest, I think your small images does just fine, they show what is there in enough detail.

if you must have a hover to show the images bigger, then I would suggest making your main page wider to accomodate it and show the overflow, or have your larger image come over the main display of the page.

or do a onclick event instead of onhover, and darken the screen and centre the main clicked image, sorry I don’t remember any links off hand to show you

but if it stays as it is, I can’t ever get to see the larger images, as scrolling to the left means, going slowly, to keep the mouse over the image I want to see and using my arrow keys….. not very user friendly