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"Brussells" wrote:
Guys and Gals – Need some help please – not sure what category this should go under, or whether it’s ok to leave here as it’s related to the site I showcased.

How can I create a wide header and footer but keeping the main image central (building, trees, elephant), which will also auto expand from the center for those with ultra wide screens? Also, if I’m catering for wider screens the content should expand also yes? or should the content still stay structured and therefore more controllable? Some advice needed please.

Thanks in advance

I would probably make the top header/footer mountainscape scene one giant image around 1900px wide and then seperate the elephant/trees/hut to be its own graphic and embed that in the header.

Check out my site below sometime…I have centered content with repeatable background images combined. I basically coded the site to be 100% fluid width but then used some extra divs around the different sections to contain the content. It caused me to create some extra divs that I wasn’t happy with doing, but it was the only way to do it at the time.