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"ikthius" wrote:

I like it it is clean, but a few things……

It is a bit narrow, I beleive 800×600 resolution is dying out.
I am not a fan of the background, what about having a picture of a horse doing dressarge in competition???
Your clinics link is a 404.
Do you need the same sidebar in all pages? wordpress gives you the ability to make other templates.
I don’t think the blue & brown goes!!! two totally seperate colours that do not compliment each other

it is a clean site. well done

Hi Ikthius! and thanks again for your tips and help.

I agree with you about the 800 x 600. This first crack is based on Kubrick and as I develop more skills I will attempt a wider resolution. I really like the typography and generous use of white space in the Kubrick theme.

I thought the background was a dark red… it was on my mac and really old monitor! I was really hoping to find a dark red satin pattern… You know, like prize ribbons. Red Blue and White ribbons are excellent accomplishments and my barn colours are dark blue, dark red and a silver gray. I am not sure how a picture of a horse would fit in there. Do you mean a repeated picture? Not sure I like that, tried it and it looked way tacky.

Thanks for the 404 find, clinics as it turns out is still in draft. I need to get to that today.

I am trying to figure out how to use custom templates with custom headers and sidebars. You are right, showing the same info in the sidebar on every page lacks imagination and the reader begins to ignore it quickly.

Good points! Good feedback!

With best regards,