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"Robskiwarrior" wrote:
Well done! Its tidy, which is excellent!

Graphically, I would save your head-line.jpg as an 8bit transparent PNG, then you wouldn’t have the background lining up issues. The background itself I feel is a little overwhelming…

Thanks Rob!

Well that is two votes to toss the background! :)

Are 8bit transparent PNGs going to display all right on older browsers? I recall some issues with PNGs in IE?

Code wise, its pretty solid, if a little untidy :) Here are some extra pointers…

Your nav ul is wrapped in a navbar div, you don’t need to wrap your UL in a DIV for that, because the UL will do exactly the same thing as the div. They are both block elements and can be styled the same way – so your DIV is a little redundant.

Good point!


ul#nav li a {

to your CSS to get rid of the strange dotted outline when your link is active, coz you are using text-indent, it stretches off the page.

Interesting, I see this "effect" in Firefox but not on my iPhone or in Safari on my Mac, nor in IE. Excellent suggestion though, I will update that!

you head elements are obviously using padding and margin for positioning… use "position" its much better.

Not sure how to use "position" as the CSS Tricks screencasts that I learned from used padding and margin. ;)

and one last small thing, your page wrap doesn’t wrap around your page, this can cause some issues else where… add:


to your wrap div style, and it will stretch out nicely.

That sounds important! I will make that update right away as well.

Other than that well done! Its a hard job doing your first theme, congratulations!

Hey thanks! And thanks for the feedback, tips and help. Much appreciated.

With best regards,