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Hi afferennen,

I know you just mentioned that you can’t use an iFrame, but I figured I’d share a test i created, in case it offers a new way of approaching the challenge.

The main issue I ran into with using iFrames is the rigid pixel-specified size of the content box (and 100% height not working as expected in FireFox).

The file I found uses some javascript to make an element a specified width and height relative to the window (100% height and width). inside that element, you can place an iframe, and set it to whatever size you want (relative to the browser window).

-this is almost like a frameset-type thing, but only with more control and flexibility… because the iframe is in a element, it’s not so difficult to then mush it around and do crazy things with it usiing jQuery

here are the qucick tests I messed around with:

100% fluid vertical / horizontal (full page) iFrame as background layer – Mocked up in WYSIWYG Web Builder

Based on the file found at:
Fluid iframe

and another test
Based on a file purchased at codecanyon

(these examples are still kinda wonky, and would need some refinement for mobile browsers, etc.)

Revolver jQuery Plugin (definitely worth the $4)

Any luck with you mission?