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Noel Forte

My initial impression when reading this is that it is pretty much impossible to do this sort of thing with jQuery alone, as you are just positioning elements on the page, and animating their position by injecting CSS rules via javascript using jQuery.

However, with a [quick google search](,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.42261806,d.dmg&biw=1758&bih=835 “google search”) I was able to locate [this post]( “the post on stack overflow”) on StackOverflow.

It would appear from what people are saying, that there are other ways of accomplishing this task without the use of jQuery alone, because as I said before, jQuery isn’t really capable of doing something like that. The first method I’ve seen is to switch out the elements with blurred copies when animating, but that can be a little tedious. The second thing people are auggesting is blurring using the HTML5 canvas, as per [this article]( “an article on html5 canvas blurring”).

As for accomplishing this sort of thing with links, it might be more challenging, but you might be able to accomplish the effect with replicating CSS3 `text-shadows` on the linked items varying levels of transparency to simulate motion blur samples.

Also, be advised that all of what’s discussed above is very new tech and is likely to not work across all browsers, espacilly those that aren’t current releases.

Hope this is a good start to approaching this problem.