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In the article on askwpgirl it states

Next, MOVE (do not copy) the index.php file that is in the WordPress application directory to the root directory.

She goes on to say that you should make a blank index.php in the wordpress application directory, silence is golden


In a text or HTML editor, open the index.php file that you just moved and change the location of your wp-blog-header.php to the new location.

But in the codex it states that you should copy, not move…

Conflicting instructions…

Okay, so I followed her instructions because she claims the codex has it wrong. Here is what happens… the site works fine but if I go to I get a blank white page, and if I type in any page like etc. I get a blank page. I have redirection (not apache module) installed but nothing is getting redirected.

So I fiddled, I tried restoring the index.php file in the wordpress install directory (so copy instead of move) making sure that the wp-blog-header path was back to original state.

Now when I go to this gets redirected to and any pages like etc. also get redirected correctly. Redirections are working automagically…

Great huh?

Except… now I get a warning pop up in my firefox browser that says:
The page at says:
Ajax error

You have to click OK in order to close this.

So that is a problem that I don’t know how to deal with. I tried to clear my cache in wordpress super cache but that didn’t help.