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Hey there, I work at (mt). We get this question tossed at us every once and awhile. We try to update our PHP versions to the most secure + recent version out there.(5.3.8 being our most recent) Just like any new piece of technology, there’s always speed bumps. Because of those speed bumps, we like to stay a steady course in keeping the newest versions that we feel safe to use.

When we change MySQL or Apache on the (gs) Grid-Service, it’s a change that would need to run across the entire service. With such a large amount of customers living on that product, it’s quite a large scale project. With the large amount of customers on the (gs), we are also wary not to shake things up too much so that customers aren’t affected negatively. The outdated versions shouldn’t have a debilitating affect on what you are trying to do, but I totally understand where you are coming from.

Feel free to shoot over any other questions.