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Thank you, @stevencrader, you have been a great help through this entire process. Everything is now inside 960 pixels, with the “header-bg.png” flowing nicely in the header. Here is what I am looking at for the footer in the HTML…

Where's My Stuff?

Track your recent orders.

View or change your order.

Shipping & Returns

See our shipping rates.

Make a return or exchange.

Need Help?

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Visit our Customer Service.

And here is a mock-up I did, which if placed into the footer region, does not work, but it gives you a general idea of what I am trying to accomplish…


I have never worked with tables because I have only heard bad things about them. Also, most people seem to be of the opinion that “divs” are the way to go. So, any and all help that you can give me concerning tables will be appreciated. I will try and apply what you have given me thus far to the footer region and see how it goes.

Check here, to see my progress.

Edit: Also, how do I get the “intro-paragraph” to flow beside the artificial sidebar and float above “cpbody,” which appears to be what is controlling the content. Right now, “intro-paragraph” spans the entire length of the page, but I want it to act exactly like the “intro-paragraph” here. Thank you, in advance!

Edit: And one final thing (or at least, I believe it is the last thing), I would like for “Store” to stay highlighted while you are in the shop. Here is what I have in my CSS to make things highlighted on certain pages…

ul#mt-main-nav li a:hover, ul#mt-extra-nav li a:hover, body#home ul#mt-main-nav li.home a, body#gloom ul#mt-main-nav li.gloom a,  body#feelgoodcandy ul#mt-main-nav li.feelgoodcandy a, body#contact ul#mt-main-nav a, body#store ul#mt-main-nav a,body#donations ul#mt-main-nav li.donations a, body#default ul#mt-main-nav li.home a {
background: #000000;
color: #FFFFFF;

How would I go about changing the “store” attribute to make it recognize that it is on CafePress? Thank you, once more, in advance!