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“if you want, invent your own language why not”

What exactly do you think making your own stylesheet lego blocks is, in a way? Anyone doing anything remotely interesting is inventing their own conventions for things on a small scale. So call that HTML5+J or something… your browser understands it, it’s just that you don’t :P

“but don’t screw the one that works ;]”

Dude, winking smileys do not replace a clueful argument, and you don’t seem to have one. How is the HTML bastardization I come up with affecting how others make their website, or the standard? Not at all. To compare this to Microsoft having a monopoly with a crappy browser — wow.

And people “like me” set stuff back? Because I think for myself and make wacky stuff for myself? LMAO!!! Yeah, of course ^^ If those are your arguments, they are actually FOR doing it, I thought you might want to know that.