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Brian Meyer

WhiteInk, those tips are extremely helpful.

Specifically, comparing our business site to others. We’re in an architecture/medical/planning industry. Our site, by contrast to some of the industry leaders, really looks amateur.

Analytics is a great strategy to explore as well. Their response will likely be more favorable to, “this should generate an additional 2000 visitors annually, a 47% increase over last year” versus, “we’ll have a really good looking site that will look better and totally get more hits”.

Our company is busy and successful, so there isn’t this hunger to market for business we don’t have time to do. Your story about the the restaurant owner rings true here. However, I would say that this attitude is problematic, presupposing the future. Websites are time intensive projects that will be deployed in an environment that may look slightly different than the one we’re in today. As such, one might argue that it’s important to improve upon what you can, so that you don’t wake up one day to find yourself behind the curve.