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You list some pretty solid reasons to redesign. Just expand on them, explaining why the current set up is, for example, resulting in poor search engine visibility, and how a redesign could change this.
With skeptics a big thing is to list key benefits of the redesign, though you do have to keep perspective that some of the results can be hard to measure.
If you’re using some kind of site analytics, reference those numbers and how they can be improved.
Depending on the business, consider showing their site compared to a competitor’s site that you think is working.
In the end, some businesses just don’t think they need to a good web presence and there’s nothing you can do about factors beyond your control. I recently talked with a restaurant owner who’s site looks like it was made in 1999. After presenting a case for redesign, the owner was still extremely apathetic to the idea due to 1. Business was good and consistent so he didn’t really see a redesign benefiting him that much and 2. (I only know this because I have friends you work at said restaurant) He’s extremely tight with his money.