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Interesting. I’m on Linux so mysql is actually installed on my system. Not sure if MAMP installs mysql on your system or does it contain mysql in it’s own “bubble” for lack of a better word. Maybe someone with MAMP experience can chime in.

Are you able to navigate to MAMP configuration files and see that the passwords match. Is it possible you didn’t change the password in the configuration files (since changing the password in the mysql database/table is something different)? When you created the new user did you grant all the privileges?


> Ive tried completely uninstalling MAMP/MAMP PRO, nothing..

the fact that you did this, could be causing more problems. It might have overwritten some config files.

Figure out how to completely purge MAMP from your system, then install it again.

From [the help page](

> To “uninstall” MAMP, you only have to delete the MAMP directory and everything returns to the original state (MAMP does not alter anything on the “normal” OS X).

Hope that helps,