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Hackintosh all the way!

Macs themselves are a rip off. Complete social status. Just look at the specs. If you spent the same amount of money on a pc it would s..t the mac all day.

I’ve got both and although I prefer the os of a mac they are a money burner. Servicing, new parts, support, everything is soo expensive. As for upgrading, so difficult as most, when they are bought are juts about maxed out. If not mac will charge insane amounts to max it out compared if you were to do it yourselves.

Apple is having a good run at the moment but more viruses for macs are coming Im sure. Can anyone name me one Apple product that hasnt been faulty in some way…? Insanely overheated batteries, iphones that dont actually work, ipods that break or malfunction.. they all have faults and for that type of money they NEVER should be.