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Wow, I didn’t think it was possible. I wish I would of known about OSX86 before. It sounds like a lot of work though. I already try to learn to many things rather than specializing in just a few as it is, so I’m probably better off sticking with genuine Apple products. But, even though I’m liking Apple products, I’m glad there’s some people that are exploring other ways to use them. Apple makes great quality and functional products with great design. Apple has kind of separated themselves from the PC market to allow themselves to charge higher prices. They made it so if you want to use certain apps, or OSs, you have to buy their product (another recent example, the Google Voice app on the App Store). The Apple marketing teams are geniuses, I don’t usually get sold on things just because they are trendy, especially things that are so much over priced. Hopefully, in the future, something can make Apple lower its prices.