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Just a followup..

I’m coming to love Notepad++ !

I changed all the text options to display Courier New 12px. The colors are all much more subdued. They are still informative but no longer distracting. Being a fairly wide, fixed width font makes it easier to align things (I prefer spaces to tabs).

The Home key issue (going to the first character in a line instead of the beginning) is still very annoying and I can’t find any way to change it. Learning to hit Home twice (to go to the ‘real’ home) every time is bothersome.

But the Search/Replace in all open files is amazing! That’s quite a time-saver. I tend to forget to put a space before /> in some tags. Now it’s a quick task to search/replace ‘/>‘ -> ‘<space>/>‘ and then ‘<space><space>/>‘ -> ‘<space>/>‘. Now all is good assuming I didn’t forget the ‘/’ in any of those tags.

The tabs, to select which open file I wanted, used text almost too small to read and the tabs scrolled off to the sides if there were to many. Then I found an option to make the tabs bigger and another to make them wrap to multiple lines instead of scrolling off. I love options!

I’m spoiled with open source programs where I can go change any functionality I don’t like. I’d love o be able to go fix that silly Home key.

But other than that, I am becoming very happy with this little editor. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a good editor for Windows.